The 916 area code consists of the very center of the northern half of California. This regionís most populous areas are the census-designated place of Fair Oaks and the cities of Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, Rancho Cordova, and Roseville. Much of this land was originally settled around the time that California became a state as a result of the large influx of settlers who came to it as part of the California Gold Rush of 1849. However, many of the cities did not become incorporated until relatively recently as most of this portion of California transitions from being agricultural to being both residential and hubs for manufacturing and retail.

More than Just California Government Offices

Sacramento is undeniably the center for much of the 916 area codeís economic activity because it is both the capital of the state and the largest city in the region. The city is not only the location for many of Californiaís state government jobs, but it is also home to a number of companies in the food processing, manufacturing, and healthcare industries.

Education is also a huge industry for Sacramento as it is home to a number of higher education institutions. Therefore, it is not surprising that some of the communities along Sacramentoís periphery are predominantly residential such as Fair Oaks, while other cities like Roseville have economies that are dependant on retail industries that serve not only that city but other nearby cities as well.

Healthcare and manufacturing industries are present in other communities aside from Sacramento, especially in Rancho Cordova. More people work in Rancho Cordova than in any other city besides Sacramento in the general Sacramento area. Thus, Rancho Cordova is more than just a suburb of Sacramento, and its work force supports sizable industries for financial services, healthcare or manufacturing.

There is still a good portion of the 916 area code that has not been developed into housing, offices, or manufacturing plants and still remains rural farmland. Most of the agricultural production is limited to the edge and southwestern part of the 916 area code, but the goods produced by that area is subsequently processed elsewhere in the region, such as in Sacramento.

Folsomís predominant industry is uniquely prison-related as the city is home to two maximum-security state prisons, California State Prison Sacramento and Folsom State Prison, both of which provide the bulk of jobs available in the city.

Where to Live In the 916 Area Code and Why

Since many of the larger communities in the 916 area code are at least in part residential communities for Sacramento commuters, many of these communities near Sacramento in the 916 area code have a residential suburban feel to their society. Many people in these population areas live in families and have selected those communities based on their relative safety, proximity to the city that the commuters work in, and availability of family-friendly entertainment. Those seeking more of an urban lifestyle normally reside in the more densely-populated city of Sacramento. For people who engage in farming activities or want more space around them, the more rural farmland community of Fair Oaks and the outer edges of the 916 area code are full of open spaces and lacking heavily concentrated, metropolitan downtown areas in the respective communities.

To that end, every population area in the 916 area code offers its own brand of entertainment depending on the residential appeal of each place. Portions of Fair Oaks are still actively tied to its rural past, which is apparent by the fact that it is home to a feral chicken population that is allowed to roam freely and is celebrated every year with the Fair Oaks Chicken Festival. The heavily residential suburban communities of Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, and Roseville offer family-oriented attractions such as the Citrus Heights Community Campout, Rosevilleís annual Family Arts Festival, and the Elk Grove Western Festival.

Employment hub Rancho Cordova emphasizes its importance in the 916 area codeís economy by hosting the annual Rancho Cordova Business Exchange. Folsom offers a variety of entertainment, such as the Folsom Ballet and the Night of 1000 Pumpkins carved pumpkin festival, especially for those who work in Folsomís prisons and cannot exactly be expected to travel far in case there is an emergency at their workplace and they need to be able to respond.

Sacramento is full of attractions that appeal not only to its residents but also to the scores of people who come to Sacramento temporarily, whether they are from the 916 area code or from other parts of the state. These entertainment offerings range from state-sponsored ones appealing to those coming to Sacramento for its position as the stateís capital, such as the California State Fair and the California State Railroad Museum, to more metropolitan offerings that appeal to those who love the urban atmosphere of Sacramento as the sixth-most populous city in California, such as the Sacramento French Film Festival and the Crocker Art Museum.

Being a Lawyer in the 916 Area Code

The increased regional diversity of the economy in recent years in the 916 area code has given rise to an increased diversity in the legal industry in this section of Northern California. Rancho Cordovaís overall growing economy that is expanding into many different industries now includes numerous Sacramento lawyers who practice many different specific areas of law to serve the needs of the new and expanding businesses located in the city. Roseville and Citrus Heights have been seeing an increase in the number of lawyers handling labor, business, products liability and property law practicing in their respective communities as their respective retail industries continue to develop. The recent economic downturn that has impacted both Roseville and Citrus Heights as the nationís retail industry continues to not be in an ideal position has lead to quite a few more bankruptcy attorneys working in those two cities.

As more families move into the residential suburbs of Fair Oaks and Elk Grove, the legal profession present in these communities is developing into both general practitioners that handle a variety of civil and criminal areas of law and attorneys who only concern themselves with family law and estate planning. Unlike many of its neighbors, Folsom has not experienced a dramatic increase in the number of lawyers during a recent change from a rural population area as it has been home to a sizable legal community that specifically practices appellate criminal law and parole law ever since Folsom State Prison was opened in 1880. Similarly, Sacramento has long been home to many attorneys, several of whom are administrative and constitutional law lawyers who choose to live and work in Sacramento because it is home to the California state legislature and many state administrative agencies.

The size of law firms that one may encounter in the legal landscape of the 916 area code also greatly varies depending on the specific legal community that one is looking at. The more rural parts of the 916 area code, such as Fair Oaks, are predominantly served by solo practitioners and small law firms. Suburban cities like Roseville and Elk Grove tend to attract lawyers who work in small- to medium-sized practice groups, in addition to solo practitioners. One can find every size of law firm, from solo practitioners to very large firms like Downey Brand LLP in economic hubs such as Rancho Cordova and Sacramento.