Roseville is a city in the center of the northern edge of the 916 area code and located in the middle of Northern California. The city has a population of 118,788 people, and approximately two-thirds of the residents live in families. Retail is Roseville’s largest industry, and the city has the thirteenth highest retail sales of all cities in the state. Roseville’s retail industry is supported by two shopping malls and one of the largest auto malls in the nation. The retail industry also generates a considerable amount of business for real property lawyers who handle the sale and leasing of retail spaces among other things.

Manufacturing and healthcare are two other prominent industries in the city, and companies in those industries are some of the largest employers in Roseville, including Telefunken, Hewlett-Packard, Sutter Rose Medical Center, and Kaiser Permanente. Since Roseville is situated within the Sacramento metropolitan area, many lawyers and other professionals living in Roseville often commute to Sacramento for work.

Native American culture fans working in the legal profession enjoy taking guided tours of the Maidu Indian Historic Site, which features deeply carved petroglyphs. Families from all over the 916 area code love attending Roseville’s annual Family Arts Festival, where children can participate in hands-on art projects and families can enjoy healthy treats provided by Kaiser Permanente. Lawyers and other professionals who are history buffs love learning about Roseville’s history at the Roseville Historical Society located in the city’s Carnegie Library building. Telephone fanatics living in the 916 area code regularly visit the Telephone Museum, which is home to one of the most extensive collections of antique telephones and memorabilia in the United States. Attorneys interested in Roseville’s commitment to green living often visit the Roseville Utility Exploration Center to learn more about how the city is living by the principle of sustainability and how to make their own lifestyles more earth-friendly.